2018 Cinco de Mayo Alumni Reunion

2018 Cinco de Mayo Alumni Reunion

Hail to the Chef

It’s great to see the amount of participation from SNZ Texas Tech alumni throughout the year. The Cinco de Mayo event was another way to continue nurturing these crucial bonds. It was a beautiful weekend and a good day to catch up and enjoy some fantastic food together.

Brothers gathered in Dallas where Marc Mousseau treated them to his world-renowned Ossabaw Island Pork ®.  These heritage pigs are truly special, as is the way that Marc and his wife Lydia raise them. The alumni critics gave it five stars. In recognition of his ongoing contributions, we gave Marc “Moose” Mousseau the first annual Alumni Award.

It was wonderful to reunite and enjoy many laughs together. Having alumni continue to support the organization by fundraising, hosting events, and mentoring actives means a great deal.


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