Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

Active Member

an undergraduate member of a chapter who is in good standing. An active member may be an associate member or an initiate.

Alumni Advisory Board

a group of alumni who advises and guides a chapter and its officers.

Alumni Brother

a member of Lambda Chi Alpha who is no longer enrolled in undergraduate studies.

Associate Member

a member who has joined Lambda Chi Alpha but has not been fully initiated. The term “pledge” is not used to refer to a new member of Lambda Chi Alpha.


a document written by each chapter that specifies its local policies. Bylaws are subordinate to the Constitution and Statutory Code, which governs all of Lambda Chi Alpha.


an official document from the General Fraternity that recognizes an active chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha, also known as a Zeta.


a group of Lambda Chi Alpha members officially recognized by the General Fraternity that has not yet received a charter.


a region of Lambda Chi Alpha in North America, and an annual leadership conference within each region, usually during the spring semester.


one of the documents that contains the laws, policies, and resolutions of Lambda Chi Alpha, as enacted by the General Assembly. A three-fourths vote of the General Assembly is required for its amendment.

Educational Foundation

Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation Inc. is a separate corporate entity that assists the Fraternity by providing scholarships and funding for leadership and educational programs. Lambda Chi Alpha maintains foundations in Canada and the United States.

Educational Leadership Consultant (ELC)

a Lambda Chi Alpha professional staff member who travels to chapters and provides counseling for officer programming and chapter operations.

Executive Committee

the judicial body of the chapter that is responsible for enforcing the laws of Lambda Chi Alpha and performs special administrative duties.

General Assembly

the legislative body of Lambda Chi Alpha, where undergraduates and alumni determine the laws and policies of the Fraternity; normally convenes once every two years during the summer.

General Fraternity

the organization consisting of all the active bodies of Lambda Chi Alpha, including chapters, colonies, alumni organizations, Grand High Zeta, Student Advisory Committee, Council of Presidents, and the professional staff.

Good Standing

the status of a chapter or member who is not presently under a disciplinary status.

Grand High Zeta (GHZ)

Lambda Chi Alpha’s Board of Directors. Composed of nine officers elected by the General Assembly to serve four-year terms, two selected by the elected Board members to serve two-year terms; two appointed by the Student Advisory Committee to serve a one-year term; and two appointed by the Council of Presidents to serve a one-year term The interpretation of Fraternity laws and policy decisions are executed by the Grand High Zeta between General Assemblies.


any action taken or situation created intentionally to produce physical discomfort or mental discomfort by embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Hazing is strictly forbidden in Lambda Chi Alpha.

High Alpha

the president of the chapter.

High Beta

the internal vice president of the chapter.

High Delta

the membership recruitment chairman of the chapter.

High Epsilon

the social chairman of the chapter.

High Gamma

the secretary of the chapter.

High Iota

the risk manager of the chapter.

High Kappa

the fraternity educator of the chapter.

High Pi

the chancellor and official alumni adviser of the chapter. Appointed by the Grand High Pi, he serves as the chief judicial officer of the chapter.

High Phi

the ritualist of the chapter.

High Rho

the alumni secretary of the chapter.

High Sigma

the academic and educational chairman of the chapter.

High Tau

the treasurer of the chapter.

High Theta

the external vice president of the chapter.

High Zeta

the chapter’s committee of officers, composed of 11 annually elected undergraduate members and one appointed alumnus.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

a group of fraternity representatives at a college or university established to promote the Greek system and maintain relationships among all Greek organizations.

International Headquarters

the building that houses the Office of Administration, including professional staff, and the Mason Library and Museum. Located in Indianapolis.


a man who holds membership in Lambda Chi Alpha. Used to refer to associate members as well as initiated members.


a solemn promise or agreement. Also, the name given to non-initiated members of many other fraternities and the term for new members of Lambda Chi Alpha until 1972. “Pledge” is never used in reference to an associate member of Lambda Chi Alpha.


an official ceremony of Lambda Chi Alpha that is intended to turn ideal behavior into action behavior.

Standards for Chapter Excellence

a program of evaluation, goal setting, and implementation that allows members, officers, and chapters to track improvement in all areas of chapter operations.

Statutory Code

one of the documents that contains the laws, policies, and resolutions of Lambda Chi Alpha, as enacted by the General Assembly. A majority vote of the General Assembly is required for its amendment.

Student Advisory Committee (SAC)

a committee of undergraduate members representing each of the conclave areas who advise and assist the Grand High Zeta and professional staff in their duties and decisions.

Theta Kappa Nu Fraternity

Founded on June 9, 1924, this national fraternity merged with Lambda Chi Alpha in 1939.

ZAX Sessions

ritual education or program sessions outside the formal ceremonies that increases the understanding of Lambda Chi Alpha principles and helps turn our ideals into actions.


a term used to refer to individual chapters of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Zeta Alpha Chi (ZAX)

the initials of the words of a secret motto of Lambda Chi Alpha, the meaning of which is revealed during the Initiation Ritual.