Feeding America

Feeding America


On Saturday, July 27th, Lambda Chi Alpha announced a new partnership with Feeding America at the 2013 Stead Leadership Seminar. This new partnership is an opportunity to significantly increase the amount of food and funds our nearly 200 chapters collect and donate to local food banks. Since 1993 our chapters have taken an active role in donating non-perishable food and have raised more than 40 million pounds of food for the needy. In the fall of 2012, Lambda Chi Alpha chapters collected over a million pounds of food (equivalent to approximately 920,000 meals).

6816116020_61aa6a5fc6_oWe challenge each of you to work with your chapter to reach our goal as an international organization of 1.5 million pounds of food for the 2013-2014 academic year. Below are the ways to get involved with a Feeding America food bank:

  1. Contact the local Feeding America food bank that is located in your area. Click here for a listing of food banks
  2. Host a philanthropic event (i.e. Watermelon Bust, Teeter-totter thon, canned food drive, etc.).
  3. Fill out the Food Totals report on Officer Portal and submit your total poundage and be entered to win an award for your philanthropic efforts.
  4. Have fun and enjoy our value of Service and Stewardship.

Domestic Hunger Statistics

(provided by Feeding America)

  •  1 in 6 Americans face hunger
  • 17 million children in the U.S. struggle with hunger.
  • According to the USDA, more than 17 million children are living in food-insecure households
  • 36 percent of households served by Feeding America network include at least one adult who works.
  • 17 percent of the adults interviewed during the Hunger Study have attended college or a technical school.
  • More than 2 million rural households experience food insecurity
  • According to the USDA, limited resources prevent over 50 million Americans from getting enough food.

How to Report Food Collection Totals

brothers carrying cansGoing forward Lambda Chi Alpha plans to strengthen its data collection methods. The philanthropy chair for each chapter is encouraged to report their chapter’s totals after their philanthropy which raises non-perishable goods or funds for a local food bank. Lambda Chi Alpha Professional Staff will collect data totals at the end of the fall term (December) and the spring term (May).

To report collection totals visit op.lambdachi.org and fill out the Food Totals form under the Forms section. For each report, chapters are encouraged to include documents of validation from their local food bank along with pictures of events that chapters created for their philanthropies.  Additionally, if your chapter has a good relationship with a local food bank that is not a Feeding America food bank we encourage you to maintain that relationship.

If you have any questions about this new partnership, please contactcommunications@lambdachi.org.

Together, we can do our part to help in the fight to end hunger.

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