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Why Join Lambda Chi Alpha?

Lambda Chi Alpha is a social fraternity based on timeless precepts.  Our purpose is to cultivate a progressive environment at every chapter that will allow men to become better men through the help their fellow man.  Through the environment of a close knit brotherhood of diverse members, Lambda Chi Alpha strives to give its men a developmental framework to mature and to become men capable of bettering society. We are the men of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Associate Membership

Through Associate Membership, new members are treated as equals with the same rights and rules as all brothers. By abolishing the pledge program, generations of brothers have made a commitment to treat each other as equals and consequently foster an environment where men strengthen the bond of true brotherhood. Forty years of Associate Membership has set Lambda Chi Alpha apart from any other fraternity and put young men on the fast track to becoming strong, honest leaders.

TRUE Brother Initiative

The TRUE Brother Initiative is Lambda Chi Alpha’s educational platform.  Focusing on developmental areas including: empathy, self awareness, capacity for intimacy, altruism, self esteem, and more. The TRUE Brother Initiative has shown that a member of Lambda Chi Alpha is statistically more emotionally aware of himself and others, such as, family members and classmates. As a result, a Lambda Chi Alpha brother has a greater capacity to support and assist his fellow man.

Initiation Ritual and Exoteric Mysteries

Lambda Chi Alpha takes a progressive approach to Pre-Initiation and incorporating values based ritualism. We believe that ritualism has served an important purpose throughout history. Rituals help bring people together and to remind us all of important truths.  Based on Christian Principles, our Initiation Ritual and Exoteric Mysteries are sure to offer you a fond appreciation of ritualism. This ritualism will help you see the strengths of a brotherhood when its at its highest and can help you understand more about yourself.

Focus on Growth

Lambda Chi Alpha is one of the first/only fraternities to offer continued growth opportunities for Initiated Brothers. In most fraternities, the education process stops after a member is initiated. However, Lambda Chi Alpha has created the Inner Circle Journey, which allows Initiated Brothers to continue their growth through different experiences, reflections, and Ritualistic teachings. In Lambda Chi Alpha you will always be encouraged to grow and receive more out of your fraternity experience.

Seven Core Values

These values, which were adopted from the United States Army, include Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service & Stewardship, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage, which come together to form the acronym LDRSHIP. Lambda Chi Alpha is in search of the type of student who already exemplifies these traits and is continually working to better himself as a man.