Dear Parents,

Download: Lambda Chi Alpha Parents Guide (PDF)

Lambda Chi Alpha needs parents, especially those who want to be involved in a supportive way in their son’s undergraduate Fraternity experience. The opportunities available to enhance that experience for your son and his brothers extends from sharing your knowledge about the world after graduation to improving the environment in which he will live for the next few years.

Some parents may recall their own undergraduate experience or involvement in a fraternity or sorority. Your memories and reflections can provide excellent information for the undergraduate chapter to consider in developing programs or solving problems. Many parents will have access to live experience, which can be shared in ways which will enrich each brother’s understanding of the options and choices which he must consider during these important developmental years. Your guidance and encouragement are valued contributions, which will enrich the Lambda Chi Alpha experience for your son and his chapter.

We encourage you to learn about Lambda Chi Alpha and its remarkable history and traditions. If your son has already joined, or is considering joining Lambda Chi Alpha, be assured that Lambda Chi is one of the leaders of the Greek world, which continues to evolve and to set the standard for innovation and excellence. From leadership skills to character development, and from values clarification to personal development in the ability to apply these values with courage and conviction, Lambda Chi Alpha has created a remarkable and unprecedented opportunity for your son to mature as a brother in our bond.

We hope that you will learn about these outstanding programs and initiatives and become an advocate for the Lambda Chi Alpha experience in your community.

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